Jazz on a Summer's Day


Set at the Newport jazz festival in 1958, this documentary mixes images of water and the town with performers and audience. The film progresses from day to night and from improvisational music to Gospel. It's a concert film that suggests peace and leisure, jazz at a particular time and place.

One of the greatest movies of all time - Jazz on a Summer's Day. I don't watch many movie online in Documentary category, but this one was amazing. I still remember the first time I saw Jazz on a Summer's Day. I saw it in 1959 in cinema. Easily movie with the best dialogues ever. The difference of conversation between the characters, which is extremely different from other films, arouses respect before the screens. The opening song still gives me goosebumps and increases the temperature of my body. Now everyone can see it online free.... Show more

Release: 1959
Duration: 85 min
IMDb Rating: 8